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Why Moses  was not allowed to enter the promised land 

Essays and considerations

Why was it destined to Moses to see the promised land after the forty-year desert migration, but not to enter it?


12 essays and considerations


Why Moses was not allowed 

to enter the promised land


Kamokha und Categorical imperative        

Galileo‘s telescope   

Categorical imperative 

and the approval of deathpenalty                                           

They shall be like fish   

Identity and Homeopathy 

Iteration and Descartes proof of existence                                                                                                     

Mila, Mythos, Logos                                                          

The mirroring                                                     

How the universals became to mass production 

The ides of march     



Translation: Birgit Herbst / Herbert Weiler 



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153 drawings, no text

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Tsippor Nefesh

In Jewish mysticism, the Hebrew letter Nun - נ stands for the individuation of man, for the individual in time.

The Nun is called Tsipor Nefesh, the Bird of soulTsipor Nefesh is the uniquenessn of the individual human being, which distinguishes him from all others. From which it says in Psalm: Save my only from the power of the pack of dogs. Psalm 22:20 The own beginning.

 Herbert Weiler

 Of the Hundred and fifty-three fish                                                            

Simon Peter went up and drew the net to land,  full of large fish, a hundred and fifty-three;

and although there were so many, the net was not torn. John, 21,11


The book traces the meaning of a number in the text of John. The number of 153 fish at the nightly catch of fish on the lake of Tiberias. In the course, based on the Hebrew etymology a previously unknown relation to the mention of this number opens up to the story of the camel and the eye of the needle in the other three Gospels.
And thus to the topic of identity and property. The number points to the individuation of man.                          excerpt>>
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