Tsimtsum - צמצום is a term from the Jewish mysticism with the meaning contraction or retreat. 

The retreat of God.


The retreat of the water. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, Genesis begins.


The Hebrew word for the heavens is hashamaim, literally translated the term means the upper waters, or the waters there.


According to Heraclit, it is the retreat of the fire that creates the creation.


Lightning steers the Universe. Lack and abundance. Lack is world formation. Fragments, 64/65


The retreat of the unity, creating an area that is no longer imediatedly unity. This is the creation.


This is Mila -מלה, the word, the limitation, the relationship.

The root mul -מל means opposite.

This is the water that retreats towards the periphery and creates the earth in the midst of the water. The primeval water that surrounds the earth.


If all is water and it retreats, the land is formed in the middle, the water now becomes the periphery, the center and the periphery have arisen, that is the separation of heaven and earth in Genesis.


This is the meaning of Mila, the opposite and the relation that means the word. Therefore it is after the creation of heaven and earth, when it is written: God said: Let there be light. Gene, 1.3


The act of creation happens in the phase of Aquarius, the centrifugal movement to the periphery, 

this makes the Taurus possible, the land that comes into being through the centripedal movement.


Therefore, in ancient Egypt, the annual Nile flood was understood as an image of the act of creation. The water, which retreats and lets the land emerge, which now, after the dry season preceding the flood, is springing up to new life. 

This event was associated with the original god Nun, the Lord of the primeval waters, which once retreated and in which midst the earth, the land, arises.


The Nun is both: the primeval water and the personification, the Lord of the primeval water.

The movement from the sign Pisces to Aquarius.

Nun is the only god of the Egyptian pantheon who is perceived in pure human shape.


Also in the image of the four living creatures in the vision of the prophet Ezekiel Ez. 1: 4-10, which corresponds to the four astrological quadrants and became the symbol of the four evangelists, Aquarius appears as a human face, alongside taurus, eagle, and lion.